Eclipse 2017 Viewing Information - University of Illinois

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The 2017 eclipse will truly be an American Eclipse because everyone in North America will see at least a partial eclipse. In the continental US the lowest partial eclipse will be 48% in the northern tip of Maine. Although the entire US will have at least a partial eclipse on August 21, 2017, the real action is going to be the little swath where totality will occur. Whereas a partial eclipse is interesting to see, totality is another thing entirely.

A total solar eclipse is an experience! You will see darkness in the daytime, see stars and planets in the daytime, be blown away by the beauty of the corona (aura or crown surrounding the Sun that you can never see since the Sun is so bright), notice a drop in temperature, hear confused animals, etc.). You have to see a total eclipse to understand why people will travel thousands of miles to witness one. You will never regret it. The Illinois Astronomy Department is setting up a free viewing about 3 hours south of Urbana-Champaign in Goreville, IL. If you are nearby, join us! Professional astronomers will explain all.

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